Grønvall.Haverholm is an improvisational crossover media act combining live music and drawing with appropriate amplification – distortion and back projection. Giving concerts since early 2015, the duo have joined their individual fortes in avant-garde comics and extreme music to produce a unique creative performance.

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Gronvall_circle_mugshot_bebae8Allan Grønvall (Bass/guitars)
has a varied musical background in the Danish metal underground of the 90’s. In Gronvall.Haverholm he’s taken the DIY-mentality and lo-fi focus from back then to a new level.


Haverholm_circle_mugshot_4f4954Allan Haverholm (Charcoal/whiteout)
is a graphic artist and curator deeply moored in comics. From his 2006 graphic novel debut, via musical expressions in comics onto his current, abstract expressionist work, he feels he has cut to the bone of visual storytelling and is now going for the marrow.